#1 – Hong Kong Island

25 Feb

Kowloon Bay from…Kowloon Bay! I understand that a lot of reclamation has happened in Kowloon Bay over the years – I wonder how much this view has changed since 1984?

Naturally, Google Earth/Streeview isn’t much help with this one!

(edit: I am now aware this is actually Hong Kong Island – thanks to Honkers Hound for the correction! one of the pitfalls of doing something like this is i am relying on the slides being captioned correctly – so corrections from passers-by are very important)


#1 – Jordan Road

18 Feb


So after a few weeks, I managed to fire up the scanner and get cracking. My intention is to post one per week until they’re all up. That should mean this is a two-year project.

Each box of slides has it’s own subject – the first box is Kowloon, and the first picture above is Jordan Road, Yau Ma Tei. I understand this is one of the busier streets in Kowloon.

I’ve spent the better part of the last half hour trying to find this location in Google Streetview. Closest I can come up with is 45 Jordan Road, and I’m not entirely convinced. Check out the image below & let me know if you think I’ve got it about right:

Hong Kong In The 80s

17 Jan

Hong Kong In The 80s

Okay, so I “borrowed” the title from one of my favourite bands, Hong Kong In The 60s (check them out, they’re swell). Not particularly original, but it was too easy given the purpose of this blog.

So, what is the purpose of this blog?

Well, when I was a wee lad, my father went on a tour with the navy to south-east Asia. One of the stops was a little place called Hong Kong. One of the many things he brought home with him was a stack of boxes which were filled with slides from Hong Kong – presumably taken around the time he visited, 1984. His purchase also included as (sadly missing) slide projector, and my sister and I spent hours as kids looking at pictures of what seemed to us to be another world.

So on the morning of my wedding in 2009, my dad unexpectedly gave me the whole stack of slides to do with as I wished. A year later, I bought a cheap film scanner and away we went.

Ultimately, I just want to share these slides with whoever cares to look. Given the distance and events since 1984, they really are a peek into another time and place. I always wanted to go to 1984 Hong Kong and visit these places, and my dad had planned to take us there (as well as Beijing, Shanghai, and the Great Wall, he promised) around 1988, but it never quite panned out.